Green Chile Chicken Caserole

4 cans cream of chicken soup
3 cups cooked cubed chicken.
     ( I get a whole cooked chicken at the store
       and use all the meat from it - no skin)
1 whole white onion
1/3 cup black olives
2 cups green chile
13 oz bag of white corn tortilla chips 
   (you may want to get low salt chips )
1-2  cups grated sharp chedder cheese.

Slice and dice chicken, onnion, olives and chile.
  (season chile to taste - I put only garlic powder
   NOTE: the chips will add salt )

In a large simmering pot mix cream of chicken soup
but only use half the water you would for making soup.

Add everything but the chips and cheese to cream sauce.

Simmer for 10 minutes

In a 9x13 casserole dish, put a thin layer of the sauce
to preventing sticking.
Put down a layer of tortilla chips 
 (overlap for complete coverage - half the bag per layer)
Layer of sauce
Layer ot tortilla chips
Layer of sauce

Cook at 350 (preheated) for 20 minutes.
Take out and add layer of cheese on

Bake 7-10 more minutes or until cheese is completely 
(if you want broil it a few minutes)

Take it out let it cool.

It will taste even better after cooling, refigeration 
and reheating, as it "sets" more.