I think 

of all the things man has created, music is the coolest
I had a guitar teacher named Hector Garcia who was quite an incredable individual.
the things he taught me still resonate with me to this day, within and without music.
One example would be, that at a certian level the difference was not how many mistakes 
one made, but how one handeled it.

My first musical influence was Led Zepplin, I learned alot of thier songs before I 
could even read music. I learned by ear, instruction, tablature at first. After
I started at UNM I learned to read music and  (I know alot of guitarist only want to
read tab, but) that really opened up a whole big world of music to me.  I think it is
pretty cool to play a song some guy wrote a couple of centries ago. Not to mention all
the incredible music by composers like Bach, Sor, Tarrega, Granados etc. I started 
to write about five years ago and really enjoy it. In fact it was writing music 
that got me interested in the computer, I started to use the computer to aid in
my interaction with reality and became intrested in how they functioned. 


striderQED on YouTube


striderguitar on YouTube

Here a paper I wrote about music and problem soloving:MusicPaper

Here is a collection of recordings that I felt were in a certain sort 
of a thing, it's called Nice Starter

In homage to the past:
El Homage

Some Odds And Sods:

Here are some recordings from a collection called "unknown"

Jamming with friends

And then

This is stuff I wrote while in Rivendell.