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Splat Music:
I made splat objects that will generate a music score.
Assumed Treble Clef, Common time. One Grid space is a beat.
All Notes are Quarter notes.

Here is a score generated.
Here is what the above Score sounds like entered into Sibelius. Generated Score Here are some assorted images of generated scores:
My Understanding of the T2 Tile Project: (Note: these are MY thoughts and may or may not be correct) The "real" world in which we operate has noise. Any complex (non trivial) system built upon it will have noise. a Tile MUST accurately reflect any noise in the system. It must reflect the physics of the world in which it operates not attempt to provide a safer version to the layers above. It does not matter that the T2 Tile is Linux and RAM underneath. The interface a Hardware Unit exposes to the layers above is the blueprint for what a T2 Tile Hardware Unit will be. The T2 Projects current machine is a simulator to learn what an MFM machine will look like. The project wants to determine what "systems" will/can survive/arise when the Hardware Unit must expose system noise (the physics of the "real" world) in its interface. There can be NO Central Control in the MFM. System integerity is "enforced" by the "physics of the MFM" (Hopefully: by exposing the physics of the real world). The T2 Tile Project is embracing living system principles as the "system" that will/can survive/arise in this environment. living systems have already demonstrated the ability to thrive in the physics of the world in which they operate, a world with noise. [and in the spirit of the Sex Pistols] There is no need for a central control when the goal is anarchy. Open Questions: Input Output The Temporal Aspects of the MFM main