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windows to linux print sharing.

to share printer on winXP box:

From the winXP box the printer is attached to:

go to control panel, printers, select printer
in left hand printer tasks menu select "share this printer"
this should open the printer properties with "share this printer"
give the printer a name in "share name" input box.
click apply or OK

Do not have directions for "client" winXP printing.
 (the other computers on the network)
because on my network the "other" computer is a linux
Here is a link to detailed winXP directions
share printer

Linux box:
Open control panel 
(i had an icon on desktop if you dont use kde task bar icon 
menu to find control panel it should be at the top of this
menu or under systems folder)
open "printer configuration" (do NOT use cups printer config)
this should open the print conf GUI
select "new" select "next" name the print queue (lpr)
and select "windows printer" - "smb" as the type.
select "next" 
enter share and host ip
for share enter the machine name and the name 
given on winXP as "share name" 

-to find out your machine name in winXP
-- go to control panel (on win box)-> system -> computer name

the "share" syntax for linux is:

you should set user name and password or printer is 
open to the network. These names must of course
belong to a user account in winXP box.

click next
for "print driver" I slected printer from the list 
of printers displayed (drill down).
click next 
click finish

I had to go and edit the queue later and in the 
driver options DE-SELECT 
"send form feed" (FF)  
"send end of transmission" (EOT)
"assume unknown data is text" 
"pre-render postscript"
"convert text to postscript"


On a winXP box in a command prompt you can use the 
command "net view" followed by machine name to view
the network shares offered by this computer.
net view machineName