Personal Info

I am he, as you are he, and you are me, and we are all together

I was born a human on the third planet (earth) around a small star in the galaxy milky way.
I grew up in albuquerque NM and was a nerd until high school when I got "distracted". I had alot of fun
(hey eldorado crew) and became intrested in music. I attended UNM and got a performance degree in music.
I worked day jobs and made some money playing music for quite a while ( still having alot of fun) then 
returned to school and got a masters in Computer Science (even more fun). I currently live in Boise Idaho
and work for Hewlett Packard. 

I :

snowboard, surf (hey Jotto), love movies, reading a good book, dancing, playing music, camping.

I used to climb some (hey anthony) but havent done that in a few years (dont know why)

more to come...