Quantum Information Transfer

This deals with the ability for an application to be able to transfer information instantaneously across any distance.
I do not believe it is a matter of IF but WHEN.

Quantum physics has demonstrated a physical phenomenon known as "action at a distance". This is the instantaneous 
transfer of information across any distance.

I believe that RD groups (public and private) should be looking into how to harness this power. Whoever figures out 
how to harness this is going to be a big winner. Much in the same way that Franklin could not have obtain a patent 
on electricity (its a discovery not an invention) but only develop applications that make use of it, whomever can 	
understand "action at a distance" and understand how instantaneous transfer of information is taking place may be 	
able to develop applications that can utilize this natural phenomena.

Can you imagine, instantaneous transfer of data. Oh yea, Alright,  Give it to me.