got a date I cant be late for the high hope hailla ball.
Ba Ba ba da dum  ba da dum ba ba da ba dum
Don wa singing loud but in his car with the music blaring, he could not even hear himself.
He ws running late tonight and would have to do a short woukout because the gym was closing in a half hour.
Oh well he thought, better some than none!

He parked his car and walked to the doors. The night was still hot but not unbearale,
in fact, it was rather nice with just a slight breeze, to take the edge off.
There was hardly anybody here at the gun tonight So he he ws able to get right to it.
He started with some sit up, first on the floor that on the incline bench.
Working the muscles until they start to tighten up on him. Next, he went to do some cruls.
While doing them he saw his ex-girlfriend at the desk.
She worked here but he hadnt seen her when he came in.
They had split up about six months before and had parted as friends, so he smiled and she waved.

Her name was Jamie and they had met at the Wine Rack a little dive bar him and some of his friends
went to when they wanted to play pool and get drunk. They had dated for about a year and had alot of fun.
He had called it off because she was getting really serious about the whole thinkg and at twenty two he was
just not redy for that trip.
She hadent really been upset, in fact he wondered if she had played the heavy just to scare him off,
and whenever they saw each other here he took the time to stop and talk.

she walked over to him, "hey guy whats up!" "not much" he awnserd. "Just trying to get in a
woukout before you guys throw me out"." She said "aw dont worry ive  got to update some files
and its going to take me at least thiry miutes". "you can keep working out and leave ith me".
"thanks alot im going to do just that" He replied.  As she walked off he could not help checking
her out. She definenttly had looks that kill. Maybe I should ask her out for a drink he thought.
Naw better leave well enought alone.

Soon everyone had left but him, in fact he didnt evnen see Jamie around. He walked up to the
bench and thougth, with out a spotter im not goint to ve able to push my max tonight.
Oh well bettwe some than none, when he wa starting his last set Jamie approacked him
and said. "hey need a spotter there sexy!" He thought maybe this would end up at a bar a
fter all, and answered "sure I would" She got into place an he grabed the bar and started lifting.
One, Two Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven. Eight Nine, Te...,
arararaghhhh. Jamie had grabed the bar with both hands and slammed it down on his throat.
His larynx poopped with a sound that resembled a ping pong ball getting stepped on.
He kicked and flailed, his legs knockeng his body off the bench. When this happened his neck
did a sick twist, like a rag doll. This made the bar slip on his neck and the weights
tumbled to the floor. He could see Hamie looking down at him but coult not move or breath.
His vision was clouding to red and he could feel unconsciousnees crepping up on him.
Jamiwe bent over him smiling and said "should have brought a spotter!"