Something interesting is happening in my view of the world but I can't explain it very well. 
I used to see (and try to understand) reality in human-centric terms, unique to my perspective on reality. 
I am starting to understand that there can be life forms, other humans or something of which I can not
understand, with different perspectives or "world views" much different then mine. These other entities
might have a completely different view of reality then mine. They might have a different perspective on 
reality. This different way of seeing and understanding reality need not conflict with mine in fact they 
both can be "right". The truly beautiful thing is that if I was intelligent enough to understand it I 
might see that all these different ways of viewing and understanding reality fit together perfectly 
and there is no conflict. I do not believe that every way of viewing and understanding reality is correct,
but only that there is probably an infinity of ways of viewing and understanding reality that are correct.

	2x - y = 1
	x + y = 5

There are two ways, I which I am aware, of viewing and understanding systems of liner equations. 
The first is to concentrate on the rows. Each equation is viewed as a straight line and where 
the lines cross this is the solution. That x = 2 and y = 3 can not be disputed it is "the truth". 
Another view, of systems of liner equations, is to concentrate on the columns and see instead vectors, 

[2;1], [-1;1] 

that are multiplied by scalars (x and y) then added. This result is equal to another vector


It is not too improbable to imagine that if I were to try and explain the column "view" to a 
school child, with a limited understanding of mathematics, that I would get responses of disbelief. 
Responses such as: 
"you are not thinking of it the right way" 
"you are doing it wrong",  
"you have it all wrong that's not it at all" 
"I know my way is right because I get the right answer".  

Only with a deeper understanding can one see that the two ways are both "right" and in fact there is 
no conflict. Also, upon understanding both "views" an even greater understanding is achieved. 
Both ways arrive at x = 2 and y = 3. Both ways arrive at the truth. There are no conflicts. 
There are multiple paths to the truth.