That Sort of Thing

Some thoughts about that sort of Thing.

Tibetan Buddhism

Meow Said the Wolf to the Leopard.
Hissssss-> Said the Man to the Snake.



I was sitting out on my porch and I can see the shadow of my neighbors light on my wall 
The shadow of the wall and my neighbors plants is projected on my wall and I can see this shadow and I'm thinking like ... war of the worlds trip 
So all of a sudden I see the shadow of some big huge alien being 
such a weird thing and it is up there and all
So I am thinking ... this is cool. 
I can not hear anything but that shadow was clear as a bell 

and then 

all of a sudden my neighbors light becomes insanely bright 

and then 

my God you know this is crazy. all my neighbors are going to come running out. the cops are going to come. 
Nothing happens 
I can see the bright light for just a second and then it is gone 
but now 

 completely black 


Too dark 
Did the aliens turn off the moon 


And now for something completely different 

I was thinking about the idea of the quantum activist 
idea of 
that you create reality with your thoughts 

and how to match that with how can everybody else be doing it also

anyway my thought was that all possibilities already exist 

you are not creating reality 

Its much deeper than the observer phenomena 

the quantum idea of an observer creating reality by the act of observing it
Whats actually going on is much deeper than that
all possibilities already exist

like I said all these realities already exist
all of them 

every one. 
There is an infinite number of possibilities which already exist and you are merely choosing which one you ride 

like you are switching tracks in a massive Tron game

so you are constantly choosing with your thoughts and actions 
I think mostly just with your thoughts 
choosing which track you are on 

which reality you are going in to be in 
In the next moment 

The reality you will be in in the next moment already exist and the fact that you ride along or on one makes no difference to that reality 
it does not change it or make it any more real 
in any manner 
all these realities are equally viable and maximally powerful and they do not care whether you ride them or not 

and this actually ties into the Buddhism existential trap.

when you think of how these realities do not care if you ride them or not 
then what you do does not matter.

whether you choose a reality does not make it any more viable or "real". 

These realities have already happened 


the reality you choose to ride, well it does not make any difference 


A short story from SSOMA 


Another idea is that evolution is not random 

creatures evolve certain traits because they were supposed to 
Its  reladed to a talk by aldus Huxley 
In one of his talks he talked about the fact that perots imitate humans 
because they were supposed to.

so later for a 
short span of my attention

OK this is a many rooms idea of quantum physics and it goes with my Tron game thing 

this is the quantum physics thing about the observer creating reality 

to us it appears as if the observer creates reality

but it is incorrect to think that is what is actually occurring 
but one can say that to us it appears that way

from empirical evidence it seems the observer creates reality 

there is a house with a bunch of rooms and we walk into a room 
what we see is not the room
But when we walk into a room what we see is us seeing the room 

you can think of light bouncing off a wall

And so from our vantage point it does appear as if we walk into a room and then we caused it to be there 
because what we are seeing Is ourself seeing the room 
we are incapable of seeing the rooms in and of themselves 

it is as if we are illuminated them 
and then we see it
but we can  misinterpreting what is occurring 

it is not the observers creating reality we were just misinterpreting that to start with 

It is like the Tron game where all the realities exist and we are just choosing as we go along
And so

Ken Keesy a sixties counter culture legend in the end when asked what he had learned stated
"People need to stop being afriad of others who are different then them"

it rings true

everybody wants to rule the world

I need to be able to accept:
There you are and your completly different then me
but thats OK.
if we can do that then there is just the good guys and the bad guys

and all the other crap drops away.


There is way more good guys


so later from  
short spans of my attention